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Partner with Center for Synergic Leadership and learn how to be more effectively productive, as to create more good things in your life, in just one year, then in your previous ten.

How Does It Work?

You’re a knowledge worker – a professional who thinks for a living – and want to comprehensively expand your effectiveness across your work, as well as your private life, inclusive of your family (or want thereof).
You’re probably burned out by too much work, and are frustrated by your lack of effective progress across all the dimensions of life – from the way you lead your health, your relationships, your wealth, and the legacy you’re creating.
This all can change, right here, right now.
When you partner with us, you’ll have the opportunity to install the very best habits of effective production – by strengthening the very best aspects of who you are – and be supported by our world-class, coaching system.
From the very first Fast Track session with us, you’ll come to recognize the essential insights and inspiration that was missing from your life.
Together with John Angheli, you’ll come to envision a new gold standard for your life, and be given an entire set of processes for how to get there. When you’ll participate in our unique DecadeYear program, you’ll come to install an entire integrated system for how to create the total good.
As a valued star-performer, we’ll work together so you:
  • Amplify and organize your entire range of motivations;
  • Clarify the leadership vision for who you would ultimately love to be, and what you’d love to create;
  • Integrate a new rhythm for effective production, across all of your life dimensions;
  • And install seven essential habits, to strengthen the seven strengths of your soul.
In one year, you will not believe the potential for change that you can make.
With out compliments, let’s begin!

“How would you like to work with me or one of my Certified Coaches and discover the one thing you can apply in your life right now to increase your effectiveness, at no charge?


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